What is Agenda 2030?

Could This be About Politics & Power?

What is Agenda 2030 & Why is it necessary?

What will our future look like by 2030?

Digital ID, digital currency, smart cities (15 min cities), smart homes, facial recognition (AI), 24 hour surveillance, chips under our skin, 5G towers, censorship, propaganda, loss of farmers, lab meat & bugs for protein, electric cars, retrofit homes, solar panels, windmills…to accomplish all this, a lot of money will be spent by our government and you!

The big question, who will benefit from Agenda 2030 and why is it necessary?

All for sustainability and to save the environment…sounds logical, right? What if this is not what the agenda is actually about?

Explore this page and try to understand what is really happening behind the scenes as the Great Reset – New World Order – is put into play.

Lets Start with Some History

History can lead us to the truth

This groundbreaking documentary reveals how virtually everything on earth is owned by one single corporation. The entities behind this corporation have a master plan to submit humanity to unprecedented control. Multi trillionaires and billionaires unlimited financial resources allow them to buy and deceive the whole world. This documentary “Should be a required viewing by all humans on earth.” 

By 2030, you will OWN NOTHING and be HAPPY. Or will you? Not if we learn the truth and resist. This might be the most important 1 hour 51 min you spend, unless you don’t mind ending up ‘owning nothing’, being tracked & traced, living with 24/7 surveilled and ending up with Central Bank Digital Currency, Universal Basic Income and eventually a Social Credit System. Watch & share PART 1 and PART 2.

Is there a Climate Crisis?

What some experts are saying

Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?

The Sun’s Impact on Climate Change

Could Regenerative Farming be a Better Way Forward

Absolute Zero

Agenda 2030 is not just a plan for Canada. Countries around the world seem to be following the same script. In the chart above, the UK shows that by 2050, airports will close, all shipping declines to zero and there will be no more fossil fuel. Our travel will be drastically reduced and controlled. To accept this radial plan, we would need to believe that there is indeed a 

CLIMATE CRISIS. Otherwise, why would our governments spend the money that will be needed to implement and complete this plan. One MUST question, is there really a climate crisis or is this a way to implement a plan, world wide, that will jeopardize our individual and national soveignty? Is this about a climate crisis or control?

15 Minute Cities - SMART Cities - C40 Cities


Are SMART Cities really so smart? Do 15 Minute Cities make them sound SMARTer? Does spending trillions of taxpayers dollars on this money laundering scheme sound like a good deal? If the answer is no, no and no then you need to get involved and make your voice heard.

Visit Action4Canada for valuable resources that will help educate government officials and the general public. Resources include educational videos, interviews, Notice of Liability, Smart Cities leaflet and more!

Aman Jabbi – The Final Lockdown – LED Street Lights, Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID

An interview with Maria Zeee which provides a comprehensive presentation on Digital ID, Smart Cities, Facial Recognitions etc.

Christine Anderson - MEP for Germany

15 MINUTE CITIES Article by Jason Christoff


Stop World Control

Will Smart Cities Limit Your Movement?

In order to make sure that everyone remains within the perimeter of data harvesting, movement in Smart Cities will be limited to 15 – 20 minutes from home. This concept has coined the phrase “15 Minute Cities” and is being promoted as the best idea ever for saving the planet from climate change. Everything you need will be made available within a short distance, so no one ever needs to go beyond that perimeter. For longer distances, a permit will be required.

Digital ID & Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

Digital Freedom Canada

Digital Freedom Canada (DFC) is dedicated to identifying, understanding and exposing the abuse and danger of the Canadian digital control grid…turning awareness and opportunity into action. If you are not clear on what some of this is all about, you can get started by visiting – I am New to All This. Take 5 minutes to explore this information so you can gain an understanding of why it is time to dig deeper, get involved and protect your future. Some topics explained include What is Digital ID – When are Digital

 ID’s Coming – Digital ID’s, Why you Should be Worried – What are CBDC’s a Threat – A Deeper Dive into Social Credit Scores in China -and Agenda 2021 (now Agenda 2030) explained in this video, the “World View. It’s time to be curious and ask yourself, why didn’t I know about this before, who was keeping me in the dark and why? How did we get here? No matter what your level of awareness, DFC will provide valuable information that will help you learn how to protect yourself and your family from tyranny. 

DIGITAL ID + 15 Minute City = Restrictions of Freedom of Movement

The End of our Rights & Privacy?

Are vaccine passports the first phase in a program that will control Canadian citizens for the rest of their lives. United nations held a summit in 2016 to talk about ID 2020 which is a digital form of identification and identity control. Are we soon to be like China who has had a digital tracking system in place for 5 years and is tied into a social credit system. In other words, comply or you don’t buy!

What Can we Do?


The goal of the coalition is to provide a comprehensive source of information, support and opportunities for people and groups who are concerned about the BC Climate Action Plans being approved throughout BC.

Even if you are not a BC resident, subscribe to the BC 15-Min Smart City Coalition so you can learn how to create action groups in your province.

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For more information or to add your group contact email to this list, contact: BC15Min@proton.me

Start Making Changes at a Municipal Level

COAP was founded to serve as the voice for a community forgotten, the middle-class, average, blue-collar Canadians. As community stakeholders, COAP is able to bring your voice to council meetings and hold media responsible for fair coverage.

There is so much we can learn from the dynamic duo behind COAP, Adrienne and Joseph. They ran in the municipal election, they started a new organization, they submit FOI requests, they create educational videos/presentations, they organize town halls, they created a local newspaper, they are constantly staying on top of local issues and presenting at council meetings…

If you are interested in learning how to present at a council meeting, visit COAP’s impressive collection of council meeting videos!

Meet Adrienne & Joseph from COAP

Will Dove from IronWillReport.com interviews Adrienne and Joseph about how and why they started their organization, Citizens Oversight & Accountability Project (COAP), and their strategies for pushing back against government overreach at a municipal level. This is a highly informative and educational watch that will inspire you to get involved in your community.

Get Involved in Politics

Conservatizing Municipal Councils & School Boards (Monthly Meeting)

7:00pm PST – Register for meeting HERE

Empower BC Weekly Meetings (Every Thursday)

8:30pm PST – Register for meeting HERE

Parents for Choice in Education

Local Election Training Workshops

Create Town Halls in Your Province

BC Town Halls was born out of the growing disappointment that we the people of BC and Canada are now living with and rapidly losing faith in the way our politicians govern.

BC town hall meetings will bring people together to share information that will inform and empower decision making by illuminating what is being kept in the dark. Find meetings HERE.

For provinces not yet running town halls, BC Town Halls can be used as a model to help get you started. Learn more.

Keep Cash Alive

  • Print double sided – available in colour or black & white
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  • Give out “twenties” to people – no cash value of course 🙂
  • It’s a real conversation starter & will direct people to learn more!

Get Involved

Join meetings, events and workshops happening across Canada

Educational Documentaries

Be curious, educate yourself, explore the BIG PICTURE and SHARE

Exit the W.H.O.

How will the W.H.O.'s new Pandemic Treaty impact your future?