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For over a year, the world has been concerned about the World Health Organization’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and their new Pandemic Treaty.  

June 1, 2024, the 77th World Health Assembly took place and many of the 300 amendments to the International Health Regulations passed. The Pandemic Treaty did not pass but it is a reasonable assumption that it will be revised and presented again. 

What’s next?  How do we respond?  How do we keep a future treaty from controlling the health of people nationally and internationally?

June 1, 2024 - World Health Assembly Outcome

77th World Health Assembly
WHO Watch - CHD.TV
WHO Won? with James Roguski
Noor Bin Ladin Calls
Is This a Win?

The World Shares their Concerns

International Press Conference
May 6, 2024
Former WHO Medical Officer
May 12, 2024
W.H.O Roundtable Discussion
May 16, 2024
WHO Global Power Grab

A must watch two-part film featuring almost 100 health freedom advocates and multiple politicians speaking out about the WHO-facilitated corporate power grab…includes excerpts from news, interviews & conferences.

Lawyer Philipp Kruse Challenges the WHO on their Pandemic Treaty

Philipp Kruse, one of the lawyers involved in the ECI Citizens Initiative, gives a speech at the European Parliament to challenge the W.H.O. on their Pandemic Treaty.  September 13, 2023

Australia Rejecting the W.H.O.

Several countries have recently rejected the WHO’s power play. Senator Alex Antic address the Senate regarding the need for Australia to withdraw from the WHO, their pandemic treaty and international health regulation amendments.

Bio Warfare Expert Exposes W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty Threat

Del Bigtree from The Highwire interviews Bio Warfare Expert – Dr. Meryl Nass – about the larger agenda behind the WHO’s proposed Pandemic Treaty. 

The Tucker Carlson Encounter with Bret Weinstein

Tucker Carlson has an in-depth discussion with Bret Weinstein on mRNA Vaccines, the WHO’s Global Pandemic Plan and Mis, Dis & Mal-Information.

Stop the WHO's Vaccine Mandates & Censorship

Join  ‘Advocacy Lifeline’ for a positively empowering program that will help you get involved, get educated and get ready to advocate for your rights. 

Explore the Big Picture

History can lead us to the Truth

Covid Unmasked: 2020 & Beyond

Monopoly: Who owns the World

The Plan: Are You Ready?

Canada - Take Action

Collaborate & Work with James Roguski

James Roguski is committed to keeping the world informed on the activities of the World Health Organization. James has been, and continues to be instrumental in the collaboration, unity, education and strategic planning that has taken place world-wide in the last year.

If you are interested in helping to #RejectTheAmendments to the International Health Regulations and believe that we need to #ExitTheWHO, contact James directly at 310-619-3055

To stay informed and access resources and videos that can be shared far and wide, visit James’ Substack HERE.

Email Your Letter to Legislators


Do our government officials really know what is going on? Do our government officials take the time to deep dive into documents and proposals that have the ability to drastically change our lives…and their lives? Lets give them the benefit of the doubt and continue to send our letters to help educate them.

Prevent Genocide 2030 has developed a template letter for Canada that you can use to send your message to government officials. This process could not be easier! 

You can edit this template and make them your own before sending.

Mail Your Letter to Legislators

Send letters to your legislators urging their support for Canada’s Exit from World Health Organization, United Nations and all related organizations and obligations (including the International Health Regulations). Of course a phone call and a meeting with your MP always makes the most impact!

MASS MAIL OUT: Have a letter distribution potluck party…share the expense of printing, purchasing envelopes & labels (Avery 8160)…and mail a letter to all 337 MP’s!!!

Below you can access address labels which includes all 337 MP’s. Mail sent to the House of Commons address is FREE postage

Canadian Petition e-4623

Canadian Petition  e-4623 closed Feb 7, 2024 with a total of 90, 089 signatures. This was the forth highest amount of signatures for an e-petition. 

Top point stated in the petition…Canada’s membership in the United Nations (UN) and its subsidiary organizations, (e.g. World Health Organization (WHO)), imposes negative consequences on the people of Canada, far outweighing any benefits;

This petition was supported by MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis. Visit Dr. Lewis’s website to continue educating and drawing attention to this critical issue.

May 19, 2022 watch MP Leslyn Lewis as she questions the Prime Minister on the WHO’s IHR amendments in Parliament. Watch HERE


CanadaExitWho.org are an informal group of Canadian citizens from various parts of the country, connected by a passion for informing our fellow citizens and law makers about the need to DRASTICALLY REFORM or EXIT & REPLACE those organizations that currently have SUPRANATIONAL powers over our nation’s government – notably the World Health Organization and the United Nations. 

Their website is updated weekly, sometimes daily, with important information that can be shared on your social media, with your network/community or to help educate the general public and government officials.

Send a message to your MP today and tell them Canada needs to #ExitTheWho!

No Canadian or politician is exempt from the the possible outcomes proposed by the W.H.O. that could impact our rights and freedoms. 

Australia Exits the WHO

Australia is Rising!

The World Health Organization (WHO) is an agency of the United Nations (UN) and a World Economic Forum (WEF) partner. Their ‘One Health’ agenda is impacting the cost of electricity and fuel, food security and the education of our children. They are seeking the ability to control the world.

One of the many proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) includes the removal of wording such as “dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms”

This should alarm every individual on our planet and is why we all need to contact our parliamentary representatives.

Access and share RESOURCES and educational VIDEO WALL.

World Council for Health Canada

Urgent message & call to action

  • What Is The Danger For Canadians?
  • What Danger Does This Pose?
  • What Can Canadians Do?
  • Dr. David Martin explains the IHR & Pandemic Treaty issues in 3 min
  • Dr Meryl Nass MD internal medicine specialist and biological warfare epidemiologist explains the imminent WHO threat
  • A Canadian message to WHO General Director Tedros
  • Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Global Public Health

World Council for Health (WCH)

The WHO’s IHR amendments and proposed pandemic treaty or accord demand rigorous scrutiny and engagement from civil society, governments, public health workers, and lawyers. The lack of meaningful national engagement with civil society and marginalized communities undermines the legitimacy and effectiveness of the negotiation process, reinforcing perceptions of top-down decision-making and exclusionary practices within the WHO. It is primarily for this reason, that the WCH is obliged to present a hearing to:

a) Independently appraise the WHO’s conduct and processes

b) Discuss strategies to counter the WHO’s expansion of power

Door to Freedom

Get Involved - Spread the Message

Door to Freedom is an organization formed to help people make sense of a rapidly changing and often confusing world. Their mission is to inform you about the efforts of the W.H.O. to take over management of public health emergencies. The W.H.O. is proposing to govern how pandemics and other public health emergencies are handled in the future. It would prescribe uniformed medical treatments and restrictions for all—worldwide.

Could the W.H.O. really take over Sovereignty from National Governments in an Emergency? Surprisingly, YES!

Visit Door to Freedom to access educational information and resources that will help you TAKE ACTION.

Children's Health Defense (CHD)

Preserve National Sovereignty

Choose Freedom - Join The Great Freeset!

The World Health Organization (WHO) is ushering in an unprecedented global takeover of public health under the guise of “pandemic preparedness.” Visit CHD campaign to access the Health Freedom Bill of Rights, Videos & Articles

Prevent Genocide 2030

The World Picture

With so many battles to fight, why start with exiting W.H.O. and the UN?  The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the United Nations are the principle tools of the globalists. The W.H.O. is a high profile target and has been at the forefront of the false pandemic, advocating for and orchestrating the countless violations of human rights implemented as a result. Additionally, the W.H.O. is vulnerable, due to their media exposure and their overly ambitious power grab written into the International Health Regulations amendment proposals. Finally, the W.H.O. poses an imminent threat to our liberty that must be addressed, making it imperative that we educate and rally the masses to rise up and meet this threat decisively. 


There is hope! Two companion bills have just been introduced into the U.S. House and Senate to remove the United States from the United Nations and World Health Organization, but we need to shout our support to Congress!

Visit Prevent Genocide 2030 and learn how to send emails to your elected officials urging them to support these great bills!

USA Sovereignty Coalition

Stop Global Tyranny!

The WHO wants to grab global control through health. The UN wants to do the same thing through climate change. Both are pushing global digital IDs. Meanwhile, G20 and the Bank of International Settlements want to impose Central Bank Digital Currencies worldwide. If we do not resist now, we will inevitably become trapped in a digital gulag.

The only way to preserve national sovereignty and personal medical freedom is to defund and withdraw from both the UN and the WHO. The two WHO instruments will come to a vote at the World Health Assembly in May 2024.

The mission of StopWorldControl.com is to inform the world of critical facts that are being hidden by the powers that be. They conduct scholarly research to ascertain and disseminate the truth. They report news and provide teaching, commentary and criticism, and we encourage open discourse and robust debate. They are a nonprofit organization established for educational purposes. Visit Stop World Control and learn more…

The UN are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious “sustainability goals”. This worldwide project aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything! 

See how journalists worldwide are paid by billionaires to always lie to the public and never tell the truth. Shocking whistleblower confessions, leaked video footage and secret recordings expose extreme crimes by media. 

Stop Digital ID

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History can lead us to the TRUTH

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