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Critical thinking and curiosity are imperative so that you can research multiple sources of information that will allow you to make informed decisions – information that will protect the health and well being for you, your family and your community. Explore the – worldwide – community of TRUTH MEDIA that has evolved over the last three years and continues to grow as a result of the censorship that is preventing access to information we need to make informed decisions.

Polly writes blogs and produces videos dealing with topics like the Great Reset, the Covid pandemic and the lockdowns.
America Out Loud is American patriots that are Out Loud in their love of our constitution and our way of life. It’s Americans that are Out Loud on every imaginable topic of concern to We The People. These are Americans who understand the threats...
Australian National Review is Australia’s first real free and independent press, one with no editorial control by the elite, but a publication that can generate critical thinkers and critical debate and hold those spreading mistruths and deliberate propaganda in mainstream media to account.
BC News with original opinions. We have no funding and no bias views. Anyone is a target. Do something or say something stupid you’re fair game. Trying our best to bring Canadians the facts and the most important issues of our times.
We report on and livestream important information hidden from the public. We are dedicated to informing and helping to connect the people of Canada and other countries.
Dedicated to providing honest, trustworthy, and reliable journalism, serving as a platform for censored and independent voices. Publish articles on various topics including Free Speech, Privacy, Personal Freedom, Geopolitics, Technology, Culture, Human Rights, and Economics.
Ottawa based news on Federal politics and regulations that you won’t find anywhere including bills, policies, reports and constitutional rights and how they form part of the crisis we are facing in health, freedom and overreach.
Bright Light News is a non-partisan, independent media organization shining a light on the science and data of COVID-19. Providing information you can investigate to arrive at your own conclusions.
A video news site with thousands of current videos to help creators promote their material without censorship.
Mission of the Brownstone Institute – which is, in many ways, the spiritual child of the Great Barrington Declaration – is constructively to come to terms with what happened, understand why, discover and explain alternative paths, and seek reforms to prevent such events from...
An independent news page providing news and coverage of the freedom movement in Alberta.
Delivering news about current issues that inform and educate Canadians.
Dedicated to helping people wake up, grow up and stand up. Publishing critical, factual information in useful formats, providing analysis of books and other media relating to key authors and topics, and much more.
Brief Summaries of News from Substacks important to Canadians. Ready to print off as PDFs for easy sharing with family, friends, employers, colleagues, decision makers, journalists, etc.
Canadians for Truth was founded to provide a community for people who believe in the importance of Truth, Freedom, & Justice.  They deliver high quality media and engaging events intended to unify Canadians under a common set of values.
CHD.TV is a brilliant resource that offers live shows, videos, documentaries and audio interviews. Shows include Financial Rebellion, Friday Roundtable, Tea Time, This Week with Mary and Polly, Good Morning CHD, The Solution with Dr Tony, etc.
Climate At A Glance puts frequently argued climate issues into short, concise, summaries that provide the most important, accurate, powerful information. The summaries are designed to provide a library of solid yet simple rebuttals so that legislators, teachers, students, and laymen can easily refute...
Social media should bring people back together to create stronger relationships and unity. CloutHub empowers people to connect, collaborate and address the issues that impact their lives, communities, freedoms, and country.  Committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.
Clyde is a mechanic/political and current events commentator, posting daily videos about news and politics. Advocate for freedom and transparency.
Since 1982 Common Ground magazine has been educating and inspiring readers to create a better world.