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Freedom Rising is a community of like minded  individuals, organizations, and groups working together to protect our rights and freedoms. Together we are creating a different way of being in order to make positive changes in our world.

Our directory currently includes over 450  Canadian and International allies combined and continues to grow. The growth of our community provides opportunities for you to find support and connection. You are not alone! Visit our DIRECTORY to get informed, find support, take action and most importantly, get involved! 

Spreading the Message

Being a part of Freedom Rising represents a commitment to spreading the word that we are united in purpose. Through our mutual love for one another, our voices are growing stronger every day and we will not stop until we manifest our highest vision of personal and collective sovereignty.

Share your action, event, meeting or announcement with our community. Together we will RISE!


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Is mainstream media sharing truth news that helps the public make informed decisions? Do you know who is funding mainstream media? With censorship at an all time high, should we be concerned about the news that is being pumped into our homes through our TV screens every day? Do you wonder when it came to be that humans can no longer think for themselves – why Government no longer believes it is important for open dialogue and discussions. Critical thinking and curiosity are imperative right now so that you can find information that allows you to make informed decisions – information that will protect the health and well being for you and your family. 

Ultimately, the concern about censorship has brought forward a huge – worldwide – community of TRUTH MEDIA.



At Freedom Rising, our hope is to help you find a volunteering opportunity that fits for you. We support and direct volunteers to organizations and groups that are working on current actions and events, with a common goal to support the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. Some volunteers work with multiple groups while others find their passion and commit to just one. No matter what your capacity, there will be an opportunity for you to get involved and make a difference!


Freedom Rising is a free directory and networking service established to help you find your community and become part of the freedom movement. We are 100% financed by people like you and your support is needed so we can help fund important actions and events happening in our freedom movement.


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Statement of Peaceful Action

On behalf of the allied Freedom groups and organizations across Canada who assemble under Freedom Rising, we wish to state – for the public record – that we are committed to peaceful protest, lawful dissent, and the legal exercising of our enshrined Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Our intention and purpose is specifically to inform, defend, and preserve the rights of ALL Canadians to freedom of expression, freedom of choice, and all other freedoms noted within our Canadian Charters of Rights and Freedoms.