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URGENT - Help Get Bill 36 Repealed

BC has 60 days to repeal Bill 36!!!! We need to submit a petition with 50,000 signatures to get Bill 36 repealed. Hard copy petitions should be mailed by January 31st (a little bit late will be ok).

ACTION: All information collected on the petition needs to be ORIGINAL HARD COPY (e.g. no scanning, no emailing, no electronic signatures, etc.) Print off the petition and canvas for signatures (18 per page) Of course you do not need to fill the page but I am sure you can do it 🙂 There are no age restrictions on the petition; if they can write, they can sign. This is a public petition NOT just healthcare professional specific.  “The prayer” MUST be at the top of each page therefore DO NOT create pages with just tables of signatures.

For full details and a hard copy of this petition, visit Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine.

Recall David Eby

Bill 36 puts BC Healthcare at risk! We are recalling Premier Eby so we can choose a leader who respects everyone’s right to quality healthcare in BC. Become a part of this historical initiative. Your time and effort on this is crucial!

Watch this Librti video as Rick Dignard, BC Director of Children’s Health Defense, outlines what is happening, why we need to be concerned and what we need to do to recall David Eby.

Visit Recall David Eby to help, volunteer or be a Registered Canvasser. 

Signing locations in Vancouver include: West 4th Avenue & Vine Street – West 4th Avenue & Alma Street – West Broadway & Yew Street – West Broadway & Macdonald Street – West Broadway & Bayswater – David Eby’s Office

National Citizens Inquiry Initiative

Canadian governments have exercised unprecedented powers during COVID-19. Powers that have set a precedent for you and your children’s future. A precedent that CANNOT go unexamined or unquestioned.

This is Canada’s chance for Transparency! Stand up for an independent inquiry into Canada’s Covid-19 response. All Canadians are CALLED-2-ACTION to sign the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) petition. 


TAKE ACTION: Sign and share this PETITION.

Canada Must Exit the World Health Organization!

#StopTheWho is a GLOBAL initiative. WHY – because our sovereignty is currently being negotiated away in secret via pending amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and via the proposed WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (W.H.O.) Pandemic Response Treaty. 

Read the “Proposal for amendments to International Health Regulations (2005)” to see the level of CONTROL proposed by the WHO. 

Visit James Roguski’s Substack to get more evidence and information. 

TAKE ACTION: A user friendly template is available so you can send an email to 400+ Canadian Government officials, Senators and Members of Parliament.

STOP Trudeau's Censorchip Bill NOW

Tell Senators/Elected Officials to say NO to a Trudeau-Controlled Internet!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s much-maligned internet censorship Bill C-11 came one step closer to becoming law after passing its second reading in Canada’s Senate. Track Bill C-11 HERE.

This far-reaching bill contains sweeping, radical elements. It places the entirety of the Canadian internet under the bureaucratic auspices of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission). Life Site News

TAKE ACTION: (1) Visit Campaign Life Coalition for easy to use template to compose your message and contact your Canadian Senators NOW! (2) A petition can also be found HERE.

Remove Justin Trudeau: End Lockdowns & Mandates

The petition reads…We, the undersigned citizens of Canada have lost confidence in him as Canada’s Prime Minister and we feel he no longer serves the best interests of Canadians. His reckless disregard to preserve, protect and endorse the citizens of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, along with his current negligent spending of over $750 billion of our tax dollars to drag our economy into a depression, as well as for following the wrong and disastrous protocols of a privately owned corporation called the World Health Organization…

TAKE ACTION: 434,512 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000! Sign PETITION

Wake Up Your Neighborhood With Druthers

Have druthers delivered to your neighbourhood! It’s never been easier to make a big difference in your neighbourhood with Druthers. Now you can have copies of Druthers newspapers delivered right to mailboxes in your neighbourhood and wake up your community more quickly.

Druthers will make all the arrangements with the printer and with Canada Post. All you need to do is place your order, decide how many addresses you would like delivered to and which postal code area you would like them delivered around, and that’s it…Druthers will take care of the rest.

TAKE ACTION: Find five friends to share the cost – just $32 each – and help circulate 400 copies of TRUTH NEWS in your neighborhood or multiple neighborhoods.

Help wake people up – Place your order today!

Peoples Proclamation Petition

The People’s Proclamation is an opposition to the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration. This Declaration is  a gross violation of national sovereignty, individual liberty, health freedom, personal privacy, and the right to travel. 

TAKE ACTION: Visit Peoples Proclamation for full details on this highly concerning DECLARATION and sign and share PETITION – currently over 8000 signatures and growing!

Justice for the Vaccinated Bus Tour

Justice for the Vaccinated continues to travel across Canada. On board are our two brilliant and compassionate BC doctors, Dr. Malthouse and  Dr. Hoffe – travelling from town to town, listening to peoples stories, showing support and providing educational information to parents and individuals that have experienced a vaccine injury.

Help support this bus tour so we can keep rolling across Canada spreading awareness and supporting individuals struggling with vaccine injury.

TAKE ACTION:  We need your help to keep this bus tour going!  DONATE today!

Unity Health & Sciences: Medical Doctor Packages

The UNITY Health & Sciences Team has compiled a list of documents and resources to support and educate healthcare professionals and the public.

Medical Doctor Packages are available for:

 British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta

TAKE ACTION: Volunteer to distribute these Medical Doctor Packages or Informed Consent Brochures.

Charter of Health Freedom: Petition

SAY YES TO HEALTH FREEDOM – Join the over 111,000 Canadians who have already signed this petition and help us send a crystal clear message to the government that, as the people of this country, we want change in the laws that govern natural health, natural health products (NHPs) and the ability to think for ourselves. 

TAKE ACTION: Gather signatures on this petition so the Charter of Health Freedom can become part of Canadian law.

Global Walkout: Digital ID Awareness

GLOBALLY, ONE STEP AT A TIME, we will walkout from the globalist society that is trying to enslave us.

The idea is to gradually strive to disconnect from the globalist agenda. Each step will empower ourselves, and each other, to become more independent, self-sustainable and in control of our own destinies. ANYONE from ANYWHERE can participate in the walkout to whatever extent they feel comfortable with. A new step is announced every Sunday – find steps timeline HERE.

STEP 14 provides a video message from Catherine Austin Fitts about the dangers of Digital ID. Also included with STEP 14 is a documentary, State of Control and a Digital ID Awareness handout that you can download, print and hand out at the grocery store 🙂

TAKE ACTION: Join Global Walkout and receive your weekly steps so you can participate and share this step-by-step movement far and wide!


Taking Back our Freedoms (TBOF) has prepared a complete INFORMED CONSENT INITIATIVE (ICI) information package to walk you through the process of serving a Notice of Liability (NOL) on members of your community. This package includes a brochure, script and follow up package so you can feel confident about presenting this information face-to-face. Watch this inspiring interview which shows this NOL being served at a town council meeting – a brilliant watch!

TAKE ACTION: Deliver this Notice of Liability in your community!

Called to Action: Dispatching the Community

Called To Action is a communications platform that dispatches volunteers using email, voicemail and text. Volunteers are dispatched to respond to Actions that can range from rallies, convoys and candlelight vigils to petitions, letter writing efforts and social media campaigns – and all points in between. Joining Called to Action will allow us to show up to events on a GRAND scale!


Billboards4Truth: Lets Help Spread the Truth

Billboards4Truth is a Canada-wide campaign to get accurate and published vaccine and other data to Canadians on billboards, TV screens, and banners in high visibility areas so the public can make informed decisions. 

We need to get factual data to Canadians without censorship!

Your donation will help Canadians to make informed decisions.  The truth is not afraid of the light. 

TAKE ACTION: Help spread the truth by DONATING to this campaign.

Host a Candlelight Vigil in Your Community

If you wish to host a Candlelight Vigil in your community, visit Canada Health Alliance (CHA) to receive a complete toolkit. The toolkit will include a how-to guide on planning a Candlelight Vigil in your community, as well as a poster to promote the event.

TAKE ACTION: Visit CHA to create and plan your vigil.