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Exit the W.H.O & UN

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) wants to become a legislative authority instead of an advisory board, giving them extraordinary powers. Behind the scenes, significant developments are underway that will impact our individual and national sovereignty – developments that are not being shared in mainstream media. The WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and their new Pandemic Treaty could put our basic human rights and freedoms at risk! This is – for sure – an action that everyone needs to get involved in!  Learn More


Petition e-4623 closed Feb 7, 2024 with a total of 90, 089 signatures!
This petition was supported by MP, Dr. Leslyn Lewis. To continue educating and drawing attention to this critical issue, you can visit Dr. Lewis’s website HERE.


Prevent Genocide 2030 has prepared a template letter that you can send to your legislators, urging their support for Canada’s Exit from WHO / UN and all related organizations and obligations (including the International Health Regulations). Lets give our legislators the benefit of the doubt and send our letters to help educate them. Our voices MUST be heard!

Template to EMAIL your letter HERE – Template to MAIL your letter HERE

This will be a historical case!

The Accountability Project is a federal non profit, with a mandate to advocate for human rights, including raising funds for public interest plaintiffs and class action law suits.

Feb 14, 2024 Loberg Ector LLP Announces Legal Proceedings Against the Trudeau Government – Edward Cornell et al v. Justin Trudeau et al (CV-24-00094733-0000)

The press release reads…Today Loberg Ector LLP commenced proceedings in Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Ottawa) on behalf of 20 victims of the Trudeau government’s unconstitutional misuse of the provisions of the Emergencies Act in February, 2022…Find press release HERE.

How can you help…If you think you may be a witness to this case, email info@tapcan.org – otherwise, please make a donation on behalf of the rights and freedoms of ALL Canadians!

Support the Accountability Project

PETITION: Stop Privacy Violating Digital ID

Governments across the world are trying to implement DIGITAL ID. This new system(s) will consolidate your personal information, medical information, financial information, business information, work information…

Digital ID will be marketed as a convenience for you but it is important to question what this is really about and why is it necessary?  Will digital ID be beneficial to you or will it just give the government more power to track everything you do and say?

Say NO to digital ID and sign this petition created by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF). The government should not know about your interests, beliefs, behaviours, transactions, performance, personality, or preferences!

Digital ID In Canada - Faytene Show

Plan or Join a Townhall

The purpose of BCTownhalls2024 is to hold in-person community events (TownHalls) across BC. Why? Our communities and province are in trouble. Most people do not know about bills and laws introduced in BC that will significantly affect your life, such as access to health care and property ownership. We all need to start listening & talking to each other about the issues that affect us.

A professional team of medical, business, and administrative experts and event planners have put together a packaged template to help YOU organize a successful event. WE are ALL VOLUNTEERS!

Visit BCTownhalls2024 to start planning a town hall in your community!

Change the Canadian Political landscape



How this Pledge Works: When you sign the Foundational Principles Peoples Pledge you join the growing number in our Land who want the truth, not just another narrative crafted to appease. You will receive alerts and notifications – access to ScoreCards (performance reports) about your MLA, MP, Councilor and other decision-makers regarding how you are being served, Good and Bad. Read more

Protect Natural Health Products & Practices

National Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) is leading a nationwide campaign to stop the Self-Care Framework, which when fully implemented, will result in the loss of most of our natural health products in Canada. This campaign has been carefully developed – as outlined in the steps below – so that we can ALL participate in some way to educate others and spread the word!

1. Get educated & learn why you should be concerned
2. Engage with your MP
3. Sign & share the petition
4. Support NHP stores
5. Protect our practitioners
6. Donate to support this campaign

Subscribe to NHPPA to recieve important updates & meeting invites.

Share NCI's Final Commissioners Report

What’s next for the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI)? After completing 24 days of hearings across Canada, NCI now has hours of testimony and a final commissioner’s report. We need to continue to spread the word and share this groundbreaking inquiry far and wide!

TAKE ACTION: Visit NCI to access Testimonies and Printable Resources that you can share far and wide! Let’s continue ignite change together!

Stop Smart Cities / 15 Minute Cities / C40 Cities

Are SMART Cities really so smart? Do 15 Minute Cities make them sound SMARTer? Does spending trillions of taxpayers dollars on this money laundering scheme sound like a good deal? If the answer is no, no and no then you need to get involved and make your voice heard.

Will choosing convenience lead to total loss of our rights and freedoms?

Visit Action4Canada to learn about the many ways the public is being led to believe this is a good idea. Access valuable resources that can be used to educate government officials and the general public. Resources include educational videos, interviews, Notice of Liability, Smart Cities leaflet and more!

TAKE ACTION: Visit Action4Canada to access NOL and Smart City Leaflet

PUSH BACK - Bill 36 Puts BC Healthcare At Risk

The BC Government quickly passed Bill 36 in November 2022. It redefines health care in the Province and…is likely coming to a province near you!

Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine (CSSEM) are still gathering petitions (in collaboration with BC Rising) to get Bill 36 repealed. Resources are also available on their website to help us educate our health care colleagues and the public.  

Full BC Bill 36 campaign details HERE.

Subscribe to the NEW Bill 36 newsletter for important updates and to recieve meeting invites.

Information Packages include:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Cover Letter
  • Poster
  • Postcard for Medical/Health providers
  • Postcard for Patients
  • Flyer
  • Petition

Ongoing Actions


What if we had no internet? Well…hopefully we would still have Druthers News. This is just one of the many reasons we need to support Druthers. Help spread the truth so people can make informed decisions and protect their rights and freedoms.

How to help spread Druthers news:

Unity Health & Sciences: Medical Doctor Packages

The UNITY Health & Sciences Team has compiled a list of documents and resources to help inform healthcare professionals and the public. Help get their Medical Doctor Package into your community. YOU have the ability to make a difference by simply sharing this package with kindness and professionalism. It’s a great tool to start a conversation. Sincere human connection combined with this document has shown to be successful!

Medical Doctor Packages are available for: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan

TAKE ACTION: Volunteer to distribute these Medical Doctor Packages and/or their Informed Consent Brochures.

Using Your Vehicle as a White Board

This idea was inspired during a Friday Freedom Rising meeting when an attendee explained how she has been using her vehicle as a white board to share important information with the public. The response to her messages has been very positive. Everywhere she goes, she is approached by individuals that have questions…her messages have peeked their curiosity. This idea is an inexpensive way to peak curiosity and engage the public. All you need is a non-permanent white marker that you can buy at any stationary store. More shareable resources HERE.

Called to Action: Dispatching the Community

Called To Action is a communications platform that dispatches volunteers using email, voicemail and text. Volunteers are dispatched to respond to Actions that can range from rallies, convoys and candlelight vigils to petitions, letter writing efforts and social media campaigns – and all points in between. Joining Called to Action will allow us to show up to events on a GRAND scale!


Host a Candlelight Vigil in Your Community

If you wish to host a Candlelight Vigil in your community, visit Canada Health Alliance (CHA) to receive a complete toolkit. The toolkit will include a how-to guide on planning a Candlelight Vigil in your community, as well as a poster to promote the event.

TAKE ACTION: Visit CHA to create and plan your vigil.