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Thursday, Feb 29

6:30 pm PT



Learn what UNDRIP means for your property and community. A Canadian/BC legal and practical perspective.

Keynote Speaker: Bruce Pardy – Executive Director of RightsProbe.org, Professor of Law, Queen’s University Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute.

With community leaders across BC and Canada for discussion and Q & A.

A BC Rising Sponsored event. Pre-register HERE

Friday, Mar 1

9:00 am PST


Freedom Rising Weekly Leadership Meeting (Every Friday) – Everyone Welcome!

Freedom Rising is a collaboration of leaders from across Canada and beyond who are dedicated to restoring our rights and freedoms. For over two years, Freedom Rising has had weekly leadership meetings that have provided opportunities for collaboration & unity between organizations, groups and individuals. Our goal is to build alliances, amplify initiatives, avoid duplication and be supported and inspired.

Meeting link HERE.  Visit Freedom Rising for weekly meetings and activities.

Friday, Mar 1

4:00 pm PST


STOP SOGI NOW – Weekly Committee Meeting (Every Friday) – How to Deal with SOGI Agendas

Join this important discussion every Friday to learn about the impacts of Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum in your children’s school and get involved in the planning and actions taking place. Watch video to learn more.

Also find groups and organizations supporting family values and parental rights in education HERE.

Email StopSogiNow@gmail.com for meeting link.

Saturday, Mar 2

12 pm - 5 pm PST

Vancouver, BC

Learning Pod-Potluck Event

Join Michael and Hila at this in-person community learning pod, potluck!

Claim your FREE eBook and check out the eCourse which is by donation at New Earth Network

What to bring:
~Potluck food contribution. Please consider bringing something special to share as an offering to the group.
~Notepad & pen
 What to expect:
~Sacred & transformational experience for parents
~Community building and collaboration for families
~Group cleansing, meditations, and breathwork
~Creating safe spaces & intentional practices for Learning Pods
~Communion of food, ideas, and creative expression
~Group heart coherence and compassionate listening practices
~Establishing a consistent collaborative development & problem solving group meetings
Let’s have more in person gatherings to keep the momentum and co-create our desired alternative education!

Details & RSVP HERE…and SHARE with families you know who can benefit from this event.

Monday, Mar 4

12:00 pm PST


Food Sovereignty & Community Meeting (Every Monday)

Join the first Food Sovereignty & Community meeting!

Hosted by Joshua JD Lemmens

Meeting Link HERE

Join BC Rising for future updates and meeting invites.

Monday, Mar 4

6:30 pm PST


Keyboard Warriors (KW) Wanted – BC Needs You! (Every Monday)

Just copy and past one hour a day and you could make a significant impact in the results of our upcoming BC election.

KW are building a team of Keyboard Warriors to join local FB groups throughout BC to help spread the truth that isn’t being told in the media. They are also looking into doing the same on Twitter. These actions can be done by anyone across the country, not just BC, from your kitchen table, in about 1 hour a day. In one hour, one can make about 80 posts. You will be given lists of groups to join and the posts to share. 

Weekly Monday meetings will be held for training and discussions.

Please email Shirley for more details and meeting link – ShirleyGuertin@protonmail.com

Monday, Mar 4

7:00 pm EST


IPAK-EDU Director’s Science Webinars (Every Monday)

The IPAK-EDU Director’s Science Webinar is a unique vehicle. Once a week they host a LIVE presentation focused primarily on science as it applies to public issues of concern, including presentations and conversations with an array of expertise: scientists, researchers, analysts, medical professionals, attorneys, and more—all working at the leading edge. Presentations are followed by often in-depth Q+A with the presenters—you can’t get that from a recording. That said, all sessions are recorded and made available to subscribers for viewing at your convenience.

Sign up HERE  for weekly access.

March 4 - 15

Thursday & Friday


Dr. Charles Hoffe’s virtual hearing before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC disciplinary panel.

The College has accused Dr. Hoffe of making statements about the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines and public measures that they say are misleading, incorrect, or inflammatory and are asking the panel that he be disciplined. Dr. Hoffe will be represented by legal counsel Lee Turner of Doak Shirreff Lawyers LLP in Kelowna, BC. This will be a landmark case of truth and morality standing up against unquestionable centrally dictated dogma.

To attend Dr. Hoffe’s virtual hearing, you must register before Feb 23rd.

HOW TO REGIGTER: Print and sign this form: https://www.cpsbc.ca/files/pdf/Observer-Policy.pdf  Email it back to them at: disciplinehearings@cpsbc.ca  College website HERE.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friend Dr. Hoffe. Show your support for Dr. Hoffe, a true healthcare hero!

Donate to support Dr. Hoffe’s legal fees HERE.

Monday, March 4

7:30 pm PST


Kelowna Citizens Safety Association (KCSA) Bi-Weekly Planning Meetings

The Kelowna Citizens Safety Association is a community association dedicated to enhancing safety initiatives in our city and retain an autonomous community for residents by resident.

KCSA Website: kelownacsa.org

Email kelownacsa@proton.me to request invite.

Join BC Rising to stay informed and receive future meeting invites.

Tuesday, Mar 5

6:30 pm CT


Manitoba Stronger Together Gathering (Every Tuesday)

Unite and Ignite: Join Manitoba Stronger Together for an Engaging Tuesday Evening Gathering!

Manitoba Stronger Together’s  mission is to restore political influence to the people by empowering them through the creation of a robust bloc of voters. They are dedicated to cultivating an engaged and informed citizenry, leveraging the strength of our collective numbers to influence political representatives and potential candidates at all levels of government.

Website HERE – Zoom Meeting Link HERE

Tuesday, Mar 5

7:00 pm MT


Life Force Canada Private Member Meeting (Every Tuesday)

Life Force Canada offers valuable information, action steps and templates every Tuesday. They discuss topics such as your PMA, Notice of Liabilities, how to clear debts and take action in your town. 

Sign up and join Life Force Canada HERE

Tuesday, Mar 5

7:30 pm PST


Freedom of Information Committee Meeting (every second Tuesday of the month)

These are planning and development meetings to discuss the use, building and management of the FOI Library, FOI training sessions and all related activities and ideas. Your assistance and council is welcome!

This is an Open Meeting, No Sign up required. Meeting link HERE

NOTE: Drop-in FOI Assistance Meetings are available the 3rd Wednesday of every Month

Visit the new FOI website HERE – Meeting Schedule HERE – Email: info4FOI@proton.me

Wednesday, Mar 6

10:00 am MST


Alberta Rising Weekly Meeting (Every Wednesday)

Join Alberta Rising to meet and discuss topics, strategies and initiatives across Alberta.  

Meeting link HERE – Email dougloewen@protonmail.com to be added to mailing list.

Wednesday, Mar 6

4:30 pm PST


Action4Canada Empower Hour (Every Wednesday)

Special Guest: Dr. Charles Hoff


Are you concerned about the corruption within the College of Physicians nationwide and their lack of ethics in persecuting and silencing doctors who are committed to their oath to “First, do no harm”? Then join us on the next Empower Hour with Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Register HERE

Wednesday, Mar 6

7:30 pm PST


BC Rising Weekly Committee Meeting (Every Wednesday)

Join BC Rising to meet and discuss topics, strategies and initiatives across BC.  Learn how you can share your skills and where you’d like to participate in growing actions across BC.

Visit BC Rising to learn more. Register for meeting HERE

Thursday, Mar 7

7:30 pm PST


Bill 36 – Physicians & Health Professionals of BC Zoom Call

To stay informed and receive meeting invites, subscribe to the Bill 36 Newsletter HERE

Questions, email: info@BCRising.ca

Learn more about the Bill 36 campaign – view/download Bill 36 information & materials:

Thursday, Mar 7

8:30 pm PST

9:30 pm MST


Empower BC Weekly Meeting (Every Thursday)

Are you concerned about the direction BC is heading with respect to:

*Housing prices, taxes, gas prices, cost of living, inflation?
*Failing health care?
*Drugs and crime?
*Families’ choice in child care and education? More?

These weekly meetings were initiated by individuals interested in educating British Columbians about the various ways that they can engage in politics and take political action. There are many things you can do; you are not helpless. At these meetings each week, different guest presenters teach you strategies for success.

Submit any questions to Benita: PedersenBenita@gmail.com – Register for meeting HERE

Thursday, Mar 7

12:00 pm PST

3:00 pm EST


The Alliance of Indigenous Nations (AIN) 

The Alliance of Indigenous Nations (AIN) are 58, soon to be 158, sovereign, indigenous nations aligning together to lawfully reclaim their land, resources and freedom for “all” people on Mother Earth. 

AIN’s Guest Speaker Zooms are held bi-weekly on Thursday from 3–4:30 p.m. EST.

Anyone who’s indigenous (or non indigenous) who would like to sign the AIN International Peace Treaty or subscribe to the AIN International Guest Speaker zooms, click HERE to subscribe – it’s free and takes 30 secs.

For more information, email AllianceofIndigenousNations.org 

March 7-10

Atlanta, Georgia

Health & Freedom Summit and Expo

Don’t Miss this Historic Conference as these amazing Doctors, Nurses, Experts, Authors & Freedom Warriors won’t all be together again in one place. Over 50 speakers!

This EPIC event is geared towards Parents, Functional Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurses, Wellness Practitioners, Freedom Advocates, Care Givers, Families dealing with Autism, ADHD, Allergies, Autoimmunity Issues, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Chronic Health Issues, Pregnant Women and New Moms.

Event and ticket information HERE

Friday, Mar 8

7:00 pm PST

Vancouver, BC

Laura-Lynn Live with Dr. William Makis – Government Corruption & Health & Wellness Truth

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson will be hosting the brilliant Dr. William Makis. It will be an opportunity to hear firsthand from the man who has taken on AHS and the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons. All proceeds go to support Elisio Ibarra’s healing journey.

Location: Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson St.

Event information and tickets available HERE

March 8-10

Las Vegas

RePlatform: The Freedom Economy Convention

To forge an UnCanceled America, RePlatform is a 3-day conference and tradeshow beyond grift, rhetoric, and good intentions. We’re bringing together inventors, banks, payment systems, hackers, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and creators to craft real products that work around the incompetence, stagnation, and censorship in Corporate America.

As the team behind Defeat the Mandates, we united social conservatives, red-pilled progressives, people of faith, classical liberals, libertarians, and populists to dismantle the mandate system all across America. Now, we’re reimagining this same coalition to create a superior, more innovative Parallel Economy. 

Event and ticket information HERE

Saturday, Mar 9

Canada Wide

Canada Wide Rallies – 1984 – Don’t Let It Happen – Canada Must Exit the UN & W.H.O.

The W.H.O. pandemic preparedness treaty is up for signing in May 2024. This event will bring awareness of the importance of Canada backing out. Many other topics being discussed will be UN, WEF, CBDC’s, Fentanyl “safe supply” and digital ID. We must highlight the importance of these issues.

This is a nationwide event. There are 11 cities to date and others will be signing on. Please share weekly until March 8.

Posters and more information about this event can be found at Stand United BC 

MP Leslyn Lewis has put together a comprehensive website dedicated to this information – it is well worth the visit to her site to understand what we must fight against in order to remove Canada from this treaty. Leslyn Lewis’s website HERE

Find more actions and learn how other countries are pushing back HERE

March 9 -10

Calgary, AB

Sovereign Living 2 Day Live Event – Life Force Canada

As we learn higher knowledge and reclaim our own authority we discover that this hidden hand no longer has any power over our lives. We are here to learn the skills and awaken our hearts so we can rise above the inverted reality.

This will be an amazing opportunity to meet, connect, hug, and celebrate other members from all over Canada.

Visit Life Force Canada to learn more and save your seat. Bring a Friend for FREE! 

Thursday, Mar 14

6:30 pm pST

Victoria, BC

BC Town Halls 2024
Location: North Douglas Church, 675 Jolly Place
Doors open: 6:30 p.m.
Start time: 7:00 p.m.
For more information or to plan a town hall in your community visit BC Town Halls 2024 HERE

Thursday, Mar 14

6:30 pm pST

Kelowna, BC

BC Town Halls 2024
Location: Harvest Church (At the back of Wood Fire Bakery, on Hyw 97)
Address: 2401 Harvey, Kelowna, BC
Start time: 6:30 p.m.
Doors open: 6:00 p.m.
Kelowna Citizens Association – KelownaCSA.org
Email: KelownaCSA@proton.me
For more information or to plan a town hall in your community visit BC Town Halls 2024 HERE

Thursday, Mar 14

5:00 pm EST


 ‘Foundations of Nutrition for Better Health’ – Ageless Energy’s 8-week Certificate Program

Motivated by extensive experience as holistic nutritionists and observing the significant increase in many health conditions since the COVID pandemic, Joanne Mulhall and Dr. Wendi Roscoe are pleased to offer this educational 8-week certificate program dedicated to helping you regain control of your health.

Fee: $199.00, Promotional offer for Canada Health Alliance members: $149.00. USE DISCOUNT CODE ‘ENERGY’

There are only 25 seats per course. Register HERE 

Tuesday, Mar 16

6:00 pm MST

Calgary, AB

Fire & Ice with Special Guest, Dr. Makis

Dr. Makis – Radiologist, Oncologist, Cancer Researcher, Author of 100+ publications. Chief of Oncology at TWC. Dr. Makis has been vocal about the truth through his X account and Substack – top Substack Author!

Fire & Ice is a talk show that is filmed live in their theatre studio in Calgary Alberta. NHL Superstar Theo Fleury, and gold medal Figure Skater Jamie Sale interview key figures in Canada to get to the heart of their stories.

Tickets Include: Social Event from 6:00PM to 6:45PM, Live Studio Show at 7:00PM, and a VIP Social Hour following the event where you will be able to meet Joseph Bourgault, Theo Fleury, and Jamie Sale.

Visit Canadians for Truth for event and ticket information.

Sunday, Mar 18

4:30 pm PST

7:30 pm EST


Homeopathy for Shock, Grief, and Trauma, An Archtypical Approach to Healing

Presented by Victor Cirone, MA, HIM, DSHM

Given the state of the world we are currently living in we are all carrying more shock, grief, and trauma than we should and this FREE webinar will explain how we can use homeopathy to help ourselves and those around us get through this stress and pressure.

Visit Canadians For Homeopathy to register for this webinar.

Tuesday, Mar 19

7:00 pm PDT

Kamloops, BC

Bring Your Tractors to Kamloops and Unite with Vandana Shiva & our BC Farmers

Vandana Shiva, affectionately referred to as the ‘Gandhi of Grain’ will be speaking about ‘Earth Rights, Human Rights, Food Rights’ 

Vandana Shiva is a prominent Indian scholar, advocate for food sovereignty, environmental activist, ecofeminist, and anti-globalization author. With her powerful insights and extensive experience, she has become a global leader in the fight against corporate control of our food system. Watch this video to learn about Dr. Vandana Shiva.

Location: TRU Grand Hall (second floor), Campus Activity Centre, Thompson Rivers University – 1055 University Drive 

Book your tickets and bring your tractors!!

Event and ticket information HERE

Tuesday, Mar 19

7:00 pm MST

Lethbridge, AB

Also Online

Peoples Town Hall – For the People & by the People of Southern Alberta

Guest Speaker: TBA

Location: Canadian Polish Hall

Join via Zoom HERE

Questions? Email: peoplestownhall@proton.me

NOTE: Peoples Town Hall Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month, same time and place.

Wednesday, Mar 20

6:00 pm PST


Freedom of Information Drop-in Session

This Drop-in service will be in the form of on-line Zoom meetings where individuals will receive assistance on FOI specific questions. Your questions will be answered regarding everything from how to draft the request, where to send the request, how to manage issues with the FOI process to assessing the responses from Agencies.

Please register in advance for this meeting – register HERE

NOTE: Drop-in FOI Assistance Meetings are available the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Visit the new FOI website HERE – Meeting Schedule HERE – Email: info4FOI@proton.me

Monday, Mar 25

5:00 pm PT

8:00 pm ET

Online - ZOOM

Homeopathy for People and their Pets – 10-week course

Our medical system is broken, and we need options. Homeopathy is a wonderful option because homeopathic remedies are safe, cause no side effects or allergic reactions, and are inexpensive. They are easy to use, and above all, they are curative, not suppressive. If homeopathy sounds too good to be true, there is one catch – finding the right remedy. This is why this course is being given. To teach how to arrive at the correct remedies.

Suggested cost is $320 for whole course (30 hours), or $35 per class. A pay-what-you-can option is available. 55% of proceeds are being donated to the National Health Products Protection Association, the Kootenay Tribe and Freedom Hub.

To request an information package email Shirley – shirleyguertin@protonmail.com. In this package you will find the 10-week course outline, plus more.

Thursday, Mar 26

6:30 pm pST

Campbell River, BC

BC Town Halls 2024
Location: The Heritage Museum, 470 Island Hwy
Doors open: 6:30 p.m.
Start time: 7:00 p.m.
For more information or to plan a town hall in your community visit BC Town Halls 2024 HERE

Tuesday, Mar 26

6:30 pm PDT

Victoria, BC

Hold The Line With Daniel Bulford – We Unify Speaker Series

Join We Unify for an unforgettable evening with Daniel Bulford

Daniel will take the stage to share his inspiring journey and insights. He resigned from the RCMP as part of the Prime Minister’s security detail after 15 years of service and he will be sharing his incredible story with us as part of our monthly speaker series.

Location: 2736 Fernwood Road in Victoria.

Doors open at 6:30pm and the event will begin at 7:00pm.

You are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance. Reserve tickets HERE.

Tuesday, Mar 27

7:00 pm PST


Conservatizing Municipal Councils & School Boards (Monthly Meeting)

We need more conservative-minded individuals sitting in the seats of policy-makers. Electing conservatives provincially and federally is not enough. It is essential that we also elect conservatives on to municipal councils and school boards. In order to get conservatives elected on to all of these boards in the next election, the work needs to start immediately in every community.

There are various organizations working towards this goal. At these monthly meetings, you will hear from representatives of some of these organizations. In addition to planning for the elections, we will also share strategies for effectively influencing current policy-makers. There will be different guest presenters and new ideas each month.

For more information, call or text Benita Pedersen at 780-349-0181. Email: PedersenBenita@gmail.com

Register for meeting HERE

NOTE: These meetings reoccur on the 27th day of every month. Next meeting April 27th.

April 10-12

Ottawa, ON

‘Leading with Conviction’ Networking Conference in Ottawa – Canada Strong & Free (CSFN)

Location: Westin Hotel, 11 Colonel By Dr. Ottawa

The next two years will be decisive election years for conservatives in Canada and abroad. The change that lies ahead presents the greatest opportunity – perhaps generational opportunity – for conservatives willing to lead.

Our conservative principles will guide us to present a vision for Canadians at the ballot box, the boardroom, the hockey rink and the kitchen table. Conviction in those principles and in our vision will be the key to winning. Leading with conviction is a challenge we must all embrace.

This will not be easy. We have a seasoned elite that see conservatism as a threat to the global liberal project. Socialists never play by the rules and never fight fair. The pushback will be ferocious. Canadians can and will see through the attacks, so long as we remain resilient and show grit and determination… so long as we fight back.

Every one of us in this movement is a leader. We need to stand up and stand strong for what we believe.

For more details and to book your ticket visit the CSFN website.

April 19-21

Reston, VA

Virtual tickets available


The Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is an exciting annual event where homeopathy supporters, practitioners, and students come together to learn, connect, and thrive.

Learn from over 50 experts on topics such as first aid, insomnia, women and children’s issues, back pain, skin concerns, mental wellness and more! For beginners, students, and seasoned professionals, this is the premier event for all interested in homeopathy.

Hosted by the National Center for Homeopathy, JAHC 2024 will be a hybrid conference, featuring both in-person tickets to attend in Reston, VA and virtual ticket options.

Complete details and ticket information HERE