Printable Resources

Educational Resources to Help Create Awareness

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Covid-19 Prevention Guide

Stop the Shots Brochure

Time to Breath Flyer

National Citizens Inquiry

Spread Awareness and help educate the public about the National Citizens Inquiry.



Physicians for Informed Consent

You will find educational documents to print and share that will educate yourself and others about infectious diseases and vaccines – information that will help you engage in informed decision-making.

Reignite Freedom

Providing opportunities to push back against the globalist agenda.

Digital ID Awareness Flyer

Keep Cash Alive Cards

Unity Health & Sciences

Valuable Tools to Help Start a Conversation!

The UNITY Health & Sciences Team is a group of scientists, analysts, immunologists, microbiologists, trauma specialists and healthcare professionals that have compiled a list of documents and resources to support and educate healthcare professionals and the public.

Medical Doctor Packages and Informed Consent Brochures have been developed for :

British Columbia – Alberta – Saskatchewan

Ontario – Quebec

Help distribute the PACKAGES and BROCHURES in your community. YOU have the ability to make a difference by simply sharing this information with kindness and professionalism.  Sincere human connection, combined with these resources, have shown to be successful.