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Action 4 Canada

We Will NOT Comply Flyer

Notices of Liability

Smart City Leaflet

Help Repeal Bill 36

Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine

BC Rising has created resources to help us educate our health care colleagues and the public about Bill 36.

Get involved by delivering info packets, collect petition signatures and share these marketing documents across your favorite social media platforms.

Each packet contains:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Cover Letter
  • Poster
  • Postcard – Medical/Health providers (1)
  • Postcard – Patients (5)
  • Flyer
  • Petition + Petition Instruction Sheet

For updates & meeting invites, subscribe to NEW Bill 36 newsletter HERE

Help pay for printing of the Bill 36 packets:
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National Citizens Inquiry

Join This is Canada campaign and be a part of the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) movement!

Commissioners Report

“This is Canada” Campaign

Physicians for Informed Consent

Educational documents to print and share that will educate yourself & others about infectious diseases and vaccines – information that will help you engage in informed decision-making.

Digital Freedom Canada

The DIGITAL Panopticon (a circular prison) is being built around us…coming for you, your family and your children.

Digital Freedom Canada (DFC) is dedicated to identifying, understanding and exposing the abuse and danger of the Canadian digital control grid – turning awareness and opportunity into action.

Visit DFC to access resources that will help you educate others.

  • DFC Flyer – as shown above
  • The App’s/Data Wall Whitepaper
  • The Money Wall Whitepaper
  • The Behaviour Wall Whitepaper
  • Keep Cash Alive

DRUTHERS - Spreading the Truth!

What if we had no internet? Well…hopefully we would still have Druthers. This is just one of the many reasons we need to support Druthers.

How to help spread Druthers news:

Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids

Using credible sources, PERK educates the public, bringing the truth to them. Their advocacy efforts teach people ways to engage and actively be involved. Sharable resources are available to inform, educate and share.

Stop World Control

Stop World Control informs humanity about the agenda for world domination. Visit their website to find resources to Wake up the WORLD!

Taking Back Our Freedoms

Engage – Educate – Empower

Take action and serve Informed Consent Packages to protect your community!

National Health Products Protection Association

Protect Natural Health Products

This will not be a one-and-done type of campaign. This is a campaign everyone can get behind! The greatest power is in the hands of the citizen. The all-mighty individual consumer is the most important stakeholder group in our fight to protect Canadians’ access to natural health products.

Ways to get involved:

  • Draft your own MP & Bureaucrat letters
  • Distribute postcards to retailers, practitioners, government, the public…
  • Subscribe to stay informed and find out what is next
  • Sign and circulate petition

Stop the Globalist Adenda

No one is coming to save us except “We the People”

These pamphlets are FREE to use, print, distribute and copy. Please make them available on websites and social media. Hand them out to strangers – in your neighbourhood, at the mall, on public transit or on the street. Place them on store shelves, transit seats, public benches, windshields or accidentally drop some here and there.

Contact your elected representatives and educate them – describe how these changes will affect you, your community & your children.

Totality of Evidence

Totality of Evidence provides source links to significant events and information leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Unity Health & Sciences

Medical Doctor packages & Brochures

Help distribute PACKAGES and BROCHURES in your community and to your MP.

Medical Doctor Packages & Informed Consent Brochures are available for:

British Columbia – Alberta – Saskatchewan – Ontario – Quebec

Watch Dr. Malthouse & Dr. Hoffe delivering a package to a pharmacy HERE.

Scripts of examples of what to say HERE.

YOU have the ability to make a difference by simply sharing this information with kindness and professionalism. Sincere human connection, combined with these resources, have shown to be successful.

Valuable Tools to Help Start a Conversation!

Take Action for Kids

Take Action for Kids provides education and support so you can make informed decisions, regarding your child’s health.

Vaccine Choice Canada

Visit VCC’s “Vaccine Regret” for a downloadable vaccine schedule for your province and many other printable resources.

At Freedom Rising, we do not discriminate. We provide educational information with multiple points of view. We believe researching a broad range of information is a necessary approach to thinking critically and making informed decisions. Therefore please consider the information provided by Freedom Rising as third-party points of view that are provided for educational information only. We do not provide any endorsement or guarantee and recommend that everyone does their own research before deciding on what it best of themselves personally.