Weekly Activities

No matter where you live, pop into an online meeting, learn what’s going on, then decide if/how you would like to get involved.

Everybody Welcome!


World Council for Health

Time: 11am PDT | 6pm UTC | 2pm EDT – ONLINE

Visit World Council for Health to join.

Last Week Today - News Updates

Time: 4:00 pm PST – ONLINE

Broadcast on Twitter – LinkedInFreedom Forum News

Life Force Canada

Time: 6pm PT | 7pm MT | 9pm ET – ONLINE

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BC TownHalls Meet & Greet

Join the BC TownHalls Central Guidance Team

Time: 7pm PT – ONLINE

This meeting is an opportunity specific to only those considering organizing a Townhall. Example of professional planning package HERE. Visit BCTownHalls2024.ca for more information. Pre-register HERE

IPAK-EDU Director’s Science Webinars

Every Monday – ONLINE

Time: 7:00 pm ET

Visit IPAK to join weekly webinar.

TFM Report

Watch Live Every Monday & Thursday

Time: 6pm PT | 9pm ET – ONLINE

The Fringe Majority is social activist Jody Ledgerwood & communications strategist Cris Vleck exposing ‘under the radar’ stories on politics, legals, medical, and more. Visit TFMReport.com to access live show.

Justice Centre (JCCF) Weekly

The Justice Centre Weekly highlights relevant cases and topics from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), defending the rights and freedoms of all Canadians through education and litigation. Watch HERE 


Manitoba Stronger Together

Unite and Ignite: Weekly Tuesday Gatherings

Time: 6:30 PM CT – ONLINE

Manitoba Stronger Together is dedicated to cultivating an engaged & informed citizenry, leveraging the strength of our collective numbers to influence political representatives and potential candidates at all levels of government.

Website HERE – Zoom Meeting Link HERE

Life Force canada

Private Member Meetings

Time: 7:00 PM MT – ONLINE

These meetings focus on taking action in Communities across Canada. Those who have taken any LFC course, such as the Private Member Association course or the Sovereign Community Leaders weekend course, can come together and share their knowledge.

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Alberta Rising

Join Freedom Leaders from across Alberta

Time: 10am MT – ONLINE

Meeting link HERE

Email dougloewen@protonmail.com

Canada Health Alliance & Vaccine Choice Canada

National Assembly Call featuring Guest Speaker

Time: 4pm PT | 7pm ET – ONLINE

Pre-register HERE


Weekly Empower Hour

Time: 4:30pm PT | 7:30pm ET – ONLINE

Pre-register HERE

BC Rising

BC Rising Weekly Committee Meeting

Time: 7:30pm PT – ONLINE

Pre-register HERE

Join BC Rising for updates and meeting invites.

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

Weekly Webinar

Time: 4pm PT | 7pm ET – ONLINE

Live webinar on emerging COVID news, treatment options, and other important topics. You will hear from experts who will also answer audience questions. Pre-register HERE


BC Keyboard Warriors (KW) Training

Time: 5:30 PM PST – ONLINE

KW are building a team of Keyboard Warriors to join local FB groups throughout BC to help spread the truth that isn’t being told in the media. 

Email Shirley for more details and meeting link: ShirleyGuertin@protonmail.com

Alliance of Indigenous Nations (AIN)

AIN’s Guest Speaker Zooms are held bi-weekly on Thursday from 3–4:30 pm EST.

The Alliance of Indigenous Nations (AIN) are 58, soon to be 158, sovereign, indigenous nations aligning together to lawfully reclaim their land, resources and freedom for “all” people on Mother Earth. Anyone who’s indigenous (or non indigenous) who would like to sign the AIN International Peace Treaty or subscribe to the AIN International Guest Speaker zooms, click HERE to subscribe.

More info, email info@AllianceOfIndigenousNations.org

TFM Report

Watch live every Monday and Thursday

Time: 6pm PT | 9pm ET – ONLINE

The Fringe Majority is social activist Jody Ledgerwood & communications strategist Cris Vleck exposing ‘under the radar’ stories on politics, legals, medical, and more.

Visit TFMReport.com to access live show.

The Highwire - Brave Bold News

Watch Live Every Thursday

The HighWire has become one of the fastest-growing and most trusted health news and talk shows in digital media.Visit TheHighWire.com to access live show.


Freedom Rising

Leadership Meeting – Public Welcome

Time: 9am to 11am PT – ONLINE

Meeting link HERE

Invitation to share with friends, family & community HERE

Healing Circle Meditation

True Spirit Healing with Dr Robbie O’Dwyer

Time: 7pm PT – ONLINE

Sign up HERE for meditation dates and times.

SOGI Committee

Weekly Discussion and Planning Meeting

Time: 4pm PST – ONLINE

Watch video to learn more. Sign petition HERE.

To join, email StopSogiNow@gmail.com


Victoria, BC

Time: 12pm to 3pm PT

Location: Legislative Grounds on Belleville Street

This event has been taking place for almost three years now! Join this informal, friendly and uplifting event with other open-minded people.

Penny Araujo’s Tapping Circle

Time: 12pm ET – 9am PT – ONLINE

Emotional Freedom Techniques, as well as meditation to help you reduce stress and anxiety and heal emotional and physical issues.

Sign up HERE



Family Freedom Days

Time: 1pm to 3pm PT

Location: Lakawanna Park, Penticton, BC

Email Penticton4Freedom@gmail.com for more info.

Peoples of the Salmon (POTS)

Time: 2pm PT

Every Sunday POTS hold their de Jure Governance (DJG) public meetings at a Longhouse in Vancouver. No matter what event or alliance meetings that is happening in remote locations, they are always setup on their online PotS Conferencing. More information HERE

Prayer Group of Compassion

Time: 5pm PT  I  8pm ET – Online

Join the freedom community in a prayer group to gather in prayerful meditation. All faiths welcome.

Register HERE

Roasting the Press

Time: 5:30pm EST

A weekly discussion on legacy and new media techniques, technologies and issues relating to news coverage, content distribution and press freedoms. Hosted by Chuck Black and Marie Anne. Join this discussion on TwitterLinkedIn

Show notes and the video feed are posted on the Freedom Forum News Substack page on the day after broadcast.


Conservatizing Municipal Councils & School Boards

At these monthly online meetings, you will learn strategies for influencing policy-makers… and replacing them.

These meetings feature different guest presenters on the 27th day of every month and you are welcome to be a part of it.

In addition to sharing tips for influencing current elected representatives and administration, they also share campaign strategies. Perhaps you are considering running for office? Perhaps you are interested in helping one or more individuals get elected? What does it take to be successful? In each of these sessions, you will learn concepts and techniques to contribute to that success.

For more information, call or text Benita Pedersen at 780-349-0181. Email: PedersenBenita@gmail.com

Register for meeting HERE

NOTE: These monthly meetings reoccur on the 27th day of every month. 

Peoples Town Hall - LETHBRIDGE, AB

For the People & by the People of Southern Alberta

Time: 7:00 PM MST

Location: Canadian Polish Hall

Join in person or via Zoom HERE

Questions, email: peoplestownhall@proton.me

NOTE: Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month.