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Students Against Mandates

SAM’s story began in August 2021 after an unpleasant announcement landed in their founder’s inbox. Manitoba post-secondary institutions rolled out a new policy that students failing to provide proof of vaccination would be barred from their studies and attending campus. No further explanations and no exceptions. To thousands of students, this was clearly and profoundly wrong. To their founder, it was a turning point that finally motivated her to muster the courage to do something. And so, Students Against Mandates (S.A.M.) was born.

The Democracy Fund

In this video, Dr. Julie Ponesse from The Democracy Fund speaks to the members of three different student advocacy groups who have been fighting against the COVID-19 mandates.


Students and staff facing booster requirements can submit an application for free legal assistance at The Democracy Fund.

With the latest round of senseless mandates being imposed on students by some of our leading universities and colleges, students are once again being victimized. The above organisations, along with many others, have come together to help students who find themselves at the cutting edge of this discrimination stand strong and stand firm in their rights in the face of all this bullying.

These organizations have issued a clear warning to Canadian universities and colleges to stop this unnecessary and unscientific coercion. The attached media release has copies of many of the letters sent out, and includes all the evidence (much of it from government sources and the vaccine manufacturers themselves) highlighting the recklessness and potential harm that these policies can cause to all students, who by their nature are our leaders of tomorrow.

If you are being coerced to give up your right to bodily integrity and are under threat of losing your tertiary education because you refuse to have an unknown, experimental substance injected into you, send your own letter to your educational institute.

A writable template is attached for you below, and please read the easy step-by-step guide on how to fill it in and who to c.c. your letter to. We have also attached the full media package that has been send to over 1,600 media outlets across Canada to ensure they understand the severity of your situation.