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Could this be the beginning of the end of your freedom?

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Digital ID programs equip governments to access your personal information.

The government should not know about your interests, beliefs, behaviours, transactions, performance, personality, or preferences.

The government should not know more about you than your friends or family.

Visit the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) to access petition and learn more.

Contact Government Officials

Tell Your MP you are Saying NO!

Ultimately, there is an absence of federal legislation and regulations. Canada needs “A National Digital Charter that protects Canadians from digital ID abuse from both GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS.” Dr. Leslyn Lewis, MP

It is important to push back against this domination to prevent government from operating below the radar of Canadians and outside of parliament.

Canada is part of a International group of 8 nations called the Digital Identity Working Group

To help us understand more, FAYTENE TV shows a briefing from Dr. Leslyn Lewis, Member of Parliament from Haldimand-Norfolk and interviews Luke Neilson, Education Programs Coordinator from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) who sheds light on how digital ID could affect our Charter rights as Canadians.

Your Voice Matters!

How can you get involved & take action?

We the people must contact and educate elected officials. They are elected to represent us and speak out on our behalf at the House of Commons.

Phone your MP, set up a meeting, write a letter…

Here are some questions and talking points…

  • We do not trust having all of our private information in one place.
  • Digital ID’s should not be mandatory, we should be able to opt out. 
  • It is not fair to push this on small business…it is not fair to push this on seniors or individuals that choose to use limited technology in their life.
  • We should be able to decide what we want to share and with whom
  • An ethical framework must be put into place to protect Canadians
  • With a lack of transparency, the government can abuse their power.
  • We do not have sufficient safeguards in place to prevent government intrusion.
  • Given the amount of information that will be stored in these digital ID’s, there is concern that, if not properly regulated, government could flip a switch and lock you out of access to key services or use your information without your consent.
  • Can a digital ID be used to punish opposition to political opinions or government overreach? We witnessed this during the Freedom Convoy as Trudeau shut down bank accounts.
  • Once we move to digital ID, digital currency can be easily implemented. An expiry could be applied to your currency or limit what you can purchase?

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Why are they pushing for CBDC?

You will no longer have full control over your spending. Digital ID + CBDC + Social Credit System = Digital Slavery. Watch this short informative documentary that explains how CBDC will be the beginning of the end of human freedom. 

In addition to this informative documentary, David has written a book and made it free to the public to print and share. Go to your local print shop, print multiple copies and mail or deliver to individuals and/or organizations that have the power to take action! Download book HERE.

Learn What is Happening Around the World

Rebel News

Nov 30, 2023

85% of Canadians refuse to use digital currency over cash, other payment methods: report

Druthers News

April 2023

The World’s Largest CBDC Trial: A Preview of the Elite’s Cashless Vision for You

Global Government Forum

April 4, 2022

Eight countries set out principles for the future of digital ID

Visit Digital Freedom Canada

Digital Freedom Canada (DFC) is dedicated to identifying, understanding and exposing the abuse and danger of the Canadian digital control grid…turning awareness and opportunity into action. If you are not clear on what some of this is all about, you can get started by visiting – I am New to All This. Take 5 minutes to explore this information so you can gain an understanding of why it is time to dig deeper, get involved and protect your future. Some topics explained include What is Digital ID – When are Digital

ID’s Coming – Digital ID’s, Why you Should be Worried – What are CBDC’s a Threat – A Deeper Dive into Social Credit Scores in China -and Agenda 2021 (now Agenda 2030) explained in this video, the “World View”. It’s time to be curious and ask yourself, why didn’t I know about this before, who was keeping me in the dark and why? How did we get here? No matter what your level of awareness, DFC will provide valuable information that will help you learn how to protect yourself and your family from tyranny.

Help Create Awareness & Spread the Word

Shareable Resources

Keep Cash Alive Cards

  • Print double sided – available in colour or black & white
  • Cut into 3 “bills” – three bills per sheet
  • Give out “twenties” to people – no cash value of course 🙂
  • It’s a real conversation starter & will direct people to learn more!

Printer Friendly Information Cards

Provide support & Create Awareness

Conversations about SOGI, Agenda 2030 and exiting the W.H.O. are not the easiest conversations to have when you are speaking to friends, family or the general public but…discussing the concerns about digital ID and digital currency are!

This conversation can be easily introduced by stating “I am trying to keep cash alive” followed by this question – “How do you feel about digital ID and digital currency?”

So you start your interesting conversation and then it ends. Some of the people you converse with are aware of the likely implementation of digital ID and digital currency but they believe there is nothing they can do. If you leave this conversation without providing some guidance, is this a missed opportunity to let the individual know that they are not alone and there is a way to get involved? If the answer is yes, these cards will guide the individual to information and resources that will allow them to explore this issue further and get connected.

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