Freedom is rising across the world, because we recognize that freedom is an essential ingredient to the human experience, and that it has the power to unite us. This international table will continue to grow week by week, and as it does, it will give us a 

greater sense that all of humanity is in this together, and we will not stop speaking, writing, marching, and acting against tyranny until we the people become the collective sovereigns of this planet.

Freedom is rising across the world, because we recognize that freedom is an essential ingredient to the human experience, and that it has the power to unite us. This international table will continue to grow week by week, and as it does, it will give us a greater sense that all of humanity is in this together, and we will not stop speaking, writing, marching, and acting against tyranny until we the people become the collective sovereigns of this planet.

AFAF is a campaigning group of lecturers, students and researchers who defend unimpeded enquiry and freedom of speech, and actively resist the current pressures of governments and universities to censure anything they disagree with.
We believe it is your right to request a reasonable accommodation, in lieu of forced vaccinations, to maintain your bodily autonomy. We are a group of airline employees who are legally challenging our employer’s decision to place us on unpaid leave, in essence, terminate...
AHRP’s goal is to empower citizens with their right to informed consent to medical research. As a citizens’ watchdog group, AHRP brings to public attention specific unethical violations of informed consent wherever they occur.
We deliver multi-faceted support for individuals to be able to enjoy their fundamental right and freedom to choose a natural approach to health care.
America’s Frontline Doctors is the nation’s premier Civil Liberties Organization. Our mission is to provide We The People with independent information from the world’s top experts in medicine and law so you can be empowered with facts, protect your health, and exert your inalienable...
ARTICLE 19 advocates for all people to be able to freely express themselves and engage in public life without fear of discrimination. They do this by tirelessly lobbying for the freedom of speech and the freedom of knowledge.
Since 1943, AAPS has been dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine.
A video news site with thousands of current videos to help creators promote their material without censorship.
Our mission is to bring awareness of Covid 19 vaccine reactions to the medical community. We strongly encourage transparency and acknowledgment of these vaccine reactions by the CDC and FDA, so that there can be a beginning to the discoveries and developments in the...
Reducing risk of COVID-19 infection and severity. Treatment protocols, prevention protocols, long Covid protocols, patient guides and studies.
Can We Talk About It campaign aims to start the conversation and break the silence about COVID-19 vaccine injury and death. We want to raise awareness, create a safe space for the injured to tell their stories and raise funds to support global projects.
To disseminate and enlighten healthcare professionals and all those involved in the care and management of the current Covid-19 pandemic, and  provide Practitioner’s access to rapid information on the advancement of knowledge and feedback from various experiences around the world.
The mission of CHD and their founder Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is to end childhood health epidemics by eliminating harmful exposures to dangerous vaccines, and to identify and prosecute those responsible so it never happens again.
We are a global non-profit organization made up of people with an open mind and spirit whose only desire is to learn, investigate, and publicize different specialties in integrative medicine for the health of human beings. Our organization is made up of doctors, health...
The Control Group is an independent, observational health outcomes study working outside of the corporate medical establishment. By contributing anonymised data about your health and lifestyle choices, you will be helping to establish the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, like the COVID-19 vaccine.
An independent, alternative news source that operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central...
An astonishing site with highly detailed and thoroughly investigated podcasts, white-papers on cases of political and corporate corruption and government censorship, and all you need to know about Covid, including legal advice.
Keean Bexte, creator of The Counter Signal, is an internationally recognized journalist, freedom fighter and human rights activist.
Providing independent COVID-19 guides, resources and protocols . Reducing risk of COVID-19 infection and severity. Your unbiased science-based guide to wellness, diet, beauty and lifestyle since 2012.
The COVID Blog™ the official blog of COVID Legal USA. Truth about COVID vaccines and the severe adverse effects thereof are censored on mainstream and social media. Covering as many of these stories as possible in the most objective fashion possible. Vaccines are the...
Covering all the implications of Covid, the lockdowns and the vaccines including current news reports and articles from both an Asian and global perspective.
EXPOSING LIES & MISINFORMATION – With ever exploding censorship, COVID REVEALED exists to daringly bring to light the known facts and needed debate concerning COVID-19 as well as the policies and edicts that surround it.
Covid Truth was developed to counter media censorship by allowing users to upload news clips and videos that they are concerned will be censored. Consequently a vast library of compelling content is now stored on the site.
Over 15,000 Covid related entries covering all aspects world-wide. The pick of the best for researchers and serious students. A unique historical record that started March 2020.
This website humanizes the victims of the experimental vaccines, documenting adverse reactions, aggregating news stories and sharing government sources that reveal the extend of this blatant assault on humanity.
An assembly of researchers, doctors, scientists and solicitors who work to ensure that the public has the best information to make informed choices regarding Covid-19.
CoviLeaks is  based in the UK and founded by Fiona Hine in 2020. It was born in response to mainstream media propaganda and government misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Their aim is to fight for our freedoms through action in our community, to seek...
Margaret Menge ia a journalist with 20 years of experience as a reporter and editor for newspapers magazines, websites: US News & World Report, News of the Highlands, Miami Herald Company, UPI, InsideSources, Langley Intelligence Report, The Center Square.
Custodean brings you some of the latest news from Prof. Dolores Cahill and experts around the world …Our purpose is to network Custodeans working together on solutions to innovate, to plan and to build the enlightened world where freedom, love, truth and justice prevail...
Through Unstoppable Media and his Pandemic Podcast Dan brings together the world’s most inspiring thought-leaders to explore how we can navigate these unique times and define a better future for humanity.
World famous David Icke is a prolific writer and film-maker and a tireless champion for knowledge and freedom. His quest is to expose what is really happening behind the news headlines and who is really running the world.
We Are Standing Up! No to Vaccine Mandates. No to Vaccine Passports. No to Forcing Covid-19 Vaccinations on Children. No to Coerced Vaccinations Without Accepting Risk. No to Censorship. No to Limits on Reasonable Debate.
Working for everyone who yearns for truth, freedom, and justice. Fighting the legal and advocacy battles that others fear. Seeking truth above all, because nothing can be righted without it. Defending the Republic is a public interest advocacy group of relentless, fearless fighters with...
A documentary news channel offering a large library of current and hard-hitting films, interviews and analyses with leading medial, political and economic experts focusing on all aspects of the pandemic and the real agenda behind it.
Supported by thousands of doctors and medical professional this advocacy group is pressuring the government to immediate restore normal democratic governance, legal structures, medical integrity and all civil liberties.
Andrew W. Saul, “The Megavitamin Man”, has over 40 years of experience in natural health education. His world famous, free-access educational website,, is peer reviewed and the largest non-commercial natural health resource on the internet.
Doctors and scientists from 30 countries, seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19.
One of the bravest advocates for natural health, Dr Mercola is an award winning physician and best-selling author. His outstanding website provides an incredibly valuable resource to enable people to take back control of their health.
Dr Popper is the founder of Wellness Forum Health, a public policy expert, and a straight-shooter who is not afraid to criticize health organizations, governments and pharmaceutical companies who interfere with public health.
Rushworth believes that healthcare should be guided by scientific evidence, not pharmaceutical companies. His goal is to publicise these suppressed facts to improve the information-to-misinformation ratio on the internet.
As a woman of science and spirit this site displays the different aspects of Dr. Stella Immanuel. Some of you know her as one of American frontline doctors advocating for early treatment of Covid-19, others as a pastor and deliverance minister, some as a...
With his natural and wholesome philosophy grounded in both conventional medicine and organic farming Dr Cowan advocates a common sense approach to medicine and biology, grounded in deep inquiry and observations of nature.
Zach is a triple board-certified physician, educator and thought-leader who founded the Seraphic Group and the Farmer’s Footprint. A powerful lobbyist and advocate – he works with consumers, farmers and mega-industries for a healthier future.
Tess Lawrie established EbMCsquared CiC, a non-profit company, in response to the tremendous need for independent and objective health care research and provision, arising out of the Covid-19 health emergency.
A compelling website with a trove of very well referenced and sourced Covid-19 documents and papers giving the the real evidence as to why we have no reason to fear Covid and what the evidence and issues behind it really are.
Fair Cop is a UK lobbyist group concerned about police attempts to criminalise people for expressing legal personal opinions. They educate the public about their rights and work with the police to recognize citizens’ freedom of expression.
Trusted by 49,122 food eaters, Farm Match is a decentralized regenerative food system that allows you to buy or sell food from top rated small farms and buying clubs. Farm Match believes that true wealth is found in health, relationships, and spiritual connection.
A national grassroots coalition, Feds 4 Medical Freedom, has been formed to respond to rigid and inflexible mandates imposed on public servants and government contractors.
We are a small group of freedom-loving patriots who found our right to medical freedom being taken from us by the city of Los Angeles through mandatory vaccination.
Five Times August is the solo act of singer/songwriter Brad Skistimas. In early 2021 Five Times August began releasing a series of protest songs taking aim at Covid-era regulations, the Biden administration, and most recently Anthony Fauci with the hit song “Sad Little Man.”
Founder and CEO of Food Renegade, Kristen Michaelis CNC has been a Health and Nutrition Educator since 2008. She’s a passionate advocate for REAL FOOD, food that’s sustainable, organic, local, and traditionally prepared according to the wisdom of our ancestors.
Mission is to defend the rights of students and faculty members at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of association, due process, legal equality and sanctity of conscience.
A commune, ecovillage, cohousing, co-living or student coop are all types of intentional communities. Intentional communities model more cooperative, sustainable and just ways of life. FIC curates a directory of over 1,000 communities worldwide, as well as supplies resources, runs educational events and promotes...
As homeopathic practitioners and global citizens Free and Healthy Children International are concerned about the alarming incidence of immune system disturbances and developmental delays affecting so many children, as a result of the current day vaccination programs.
FSU is an active and vocal public interest body that stands up for the right of freedom of speech which is the bedrock on which all other freedoms rest, yet it is currently in greater peril than at any time since the Second World...
This new media outlet has the aim to present a broad and unbiased daily coverage of European and world wide news from a western perspective.
Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.
For the first time ever, Americans can strike a blow against our broken healthcare system and fight back against the corrupting power of Big Pharma and big government – by joining FreedomMed
A travel and air charter organization that believes in the right to travel freely, unmasked, untested and uninjected, and who believes in honoring everyone’s right to travel freely, unencumbered, and without discrimination.
Formed by leading critical care specialists the FLCCC is dedicated to developing highly effective treatment protocols to prevent both contracting and transmitting Covid-19 through preventive and treatment strate­gies designed to optimize health.
Founded as a counter to the establishment media the Gateway Pundit is an online news publication providing up-to-the-minute news, commentary and analysis, while upholding the values of truth, courage and excellence.
Gemma is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Awarded Journalist of the Year, her investigations have included unsolved murder cases, police corruption, political interference and, more recently, the top Coronavirus lies.
Global coalition of aviation safety and freedom advocates. Uniting passengers and aviation sector personnel in the pursuit of safe flying across the globe.
WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies. Currently, over 17,000 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration.
The mission of GFLN is to expose the corruption in the health care industry via brave whistleblowers who are facing censorship and intimidation, to expose the criminal activities and cover-ups in our hospitals and care homes.
An incredible news and option site that houses a collection of over 50,000 articles that make up an invaluable source of information on economic, political, military and environmental issues, as well as Covid and the current globalist agenda.
Reignite Freedom’s mission is to implement global, unified, and strategic pushback against the globalist agenda, ensuring we maintain our individual and collective liberty. They have ignored us, used force and coercion. It’s time to WALK OUT! Join us to receive weekly initiatives that can...
A nonprofit health research organization focused on educating the public about Vitamin D. It has many articles produced by their panel of 48 senior researchers including the benefits of Vitamin D on bone-health, cancer and Covid.
A news site covering news and commentary on the developments with Covid, the lockdowns, vaccine passports and the Great Reset generally, including current podcasts by Mel-K, Doug Billings and Simon Ward.
On The Great Unlearn Podcast, Cal Callahan has conversations with some the world’s leading experts & performers to help us unlearn our way into a new way of being. Whether it’s figuring out how to navigate a relationship, dealing with your emotions, diving into...
GMI provides physicians and consumers the science of natural healing, and a resource to determine the therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods. In the time of Covid this enables people to change their lives for the better.
HART is a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts.  We came together over shared concerns about policy and guidance recommendations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.
HFDF stands for freedom, choice, and the most basic of human rights, bodily autonomy. HFDF asserts that no person, business, institution, organization, or government has the right to force a person to put something into their body against their will. If any of those...
HFFH is a community of advocates, parents, teachers, veterans, doctors, lawyers, and friends, who stand to ensure Health Freedom for all by uniting people from all walks of life in the reclamation and defense of health freedom.
A remarkable news site dedicated to shinning the light of truth into the darkness of deceit, exposing medical tyranny and the role of Big Pharma and Big Tech, in imposing their “Great Reset” upon us all.
HxA is a collaboration of thousands of professors, administrators, and students committed to freedom of speech through open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement as a founding democratic principle.
Inspired by David Icke, Ickonic is a subscription channel for hard-hitting news and life-transforming series and films that empower you to take control of your life, health and wellbeing.
We are the home of The Vaccine Conversation, dedicated to providing more balanced and objective information regarding immunizations and infectious diseases while also acknowledging the importance of maintaining informed consent and medical freedom.
Founded by Del Bigtree, ICAN’s goal is to provide the public with scientifically researched health information enabling everyone to make medical decisions that come from tangible understanding, not medical coercion.
IPAK is the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge – reducing human pain and suffering through knowledge. IPAK is bringing science to bear in public policy and health care practices.
An outspoken visionary James wrote Living in the Long Emergency and Too Much Magic before the pandemic, yet both are 100% relevant to it. Now he hosts a popular podcast exposing the Covid-craziness and the bigger agenda behind it.
Jeremy Nell is the extremely popular host of the Jerm Warfare podcast which is known for both its humour and for its insightful, revealing interviews with the most influential guests who discuss Covid, the Great Reset and what our future holds.
KBF is a movement representing millions who want to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own lives. We stand for Freedom: of speech, choice and thought. We champion life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Law or Fiction is a unique platform for the doctors, nurses, teachers and everyone to stand together, speak out and to understand their rights and how they have been affected, as a result of the government’s response to Covid-19.
Learn The Risk is a non-profit organization and a powerful force for educating people WORLDWIDE on the dangers of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments that are literally killing us.
With the goal of creating a better World for future generations to enjoy, TLC helps unite everyone in the fight for rights and freedoms by maintaining an up-to-date calendar of worldwide demonstrations, protests and freedom events.
Liz Wheeler is unapologetically one of the conservative movement’s boldest voices. Blocked by AOC, demonetized on Facebook, and whispered about at the Snopes water cooler, Liz is undeterred, maybe even energized. Liz is a voice of reason for millions of Americans as she guides...
With over a thousand long format interviews London Real provides access to the truth with a focus on finance and crypto to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species.
Focusing on natural health Loving Health offers medical coaching, and free and paid training courses to help mothers improve the health and vitality of themselves and their children and how they can protect themselves from Big Pharma’s agenda.
The aim of MAFA is to put citizens in charge once again. Their goals are to free Americans from government tyranny, overturn all medical mandates and design and launch a better medical systems that works for the people.
Max Igan explores and provides insights regarding what is really going on in society across a broad spectrum of disciplines.
A regularly updated series of current news reports hosted by Conservative journalist Millennial Millie who exposes the real behind-the-scene stories of what is happening in politics, the election drama and how fake news is distorting it all.
MAMM is dedicated to building collaboration within the global health freedom movement in order to end medical mandates and spread the truth regarding vaccines. Their site includes excellent downloadable rights forms and templates.
The Mises Institute exists to promote teaching and research in the Austrian school of economics, and individual freedom, honest history, and international peace. The site has a good collection of podcasts about how we can build a better fairer global economic system.
Moms Across America is a National Coalition of unstoppable Moms whos motto is – Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids. Their mission is to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities.
To ensure that the people of this nation have access to the broad domain of healing and health care information and services, to ensure the right of practitioners of the healing arts to practice, and to educate the public, promote health and well-being, conduct...
NVIC’s mission is to protect the right to informed consent. They provide the steps, tools and connections to help people know their rights, and lobby for the changes need to protect themselves and all people from forced compliance.
A collective of airline crew members working under French contracts. We offer assistance and support, and hold humanity, mutual respect and freedom of choice close to our hearts. You are most welcome here whether vaccinated or not.
No College Mandates is a group of concerned parents, professors, students and other college stake holders working towards the common goal of ending COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
A massive information resource covering all aspects of the dangerous, so called “vaccines.” Translated into almost 40 languages this site is a treasure-trove of disturbing, yet meticulously verified facts all of which will stand in a court of law.
Jon is a renown investigative journalist specializing in politics and health. A prolific writer he has published several books, countless articles and commentaries, runs a very popular blog and maintains an extensive Corona virus archive.
‘Not On The Beeb’ was founded to counter the lack of real news from the world’s freedom movement and to feature medical information lacking in the mainstream media.
TFC is comprised of teachers and parents that are against forced medical mandates such as in-school Covid testing and vaccinations and the many other medical mandates that are coming. TFC stand in opposition to all of them!
OffG is dedicated to open discourse and free expression. Their large editorial team posts well-researched updates daily on the Covid narrative, geopolitics, historical perspectives and the grim implications of the Great Reset.
Owen is an inspiring truth-teller and comedian who has fearlessly taken on Hollywood and the corporate elites. Though banned from most platforms he has refused to remain silent on the biggest issue we are all facing today.
Empowering society through independent thinking and responsible decision making. PANDA aims to promote open science and courageous societies that are empowered with accurate information that ensures freedom of choice, human liberties and free societies.
Helping the public make informed and intelligent decisions about childhood and adult vaccines by offering valuable educational resources and the latest on the science and politics of vaccines.
PSV are a group of committed activists who do not believe the population should be subject to experimental vaccines, seriously doubt the safety and efficacy claims of the manufacturers and strongly advocate for informed medical consent.