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Online Harms Act threatens free expression in Canada. On February 26, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Arif Virani introduced Bill C-63, the Online Harms Act, in the House of Commons.

April 10, 2024 the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) presented more than 50,000 petition signatures against the Online Harms Act to the Minister of Justice and all Parliamentarians.

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The Canadians who signed the JCCF petition assert that:

  • The Online Harms Act threatens freedom of expression in Canada.
  • Canadians’ online expression should not be censored unless it violates the Criminal Code.
  • No Canadian should face an anonymous human rights complaint for what they have said.
  • No Canadian should be hauled before a court or punished merely because somebody “fears” they will say something hateful.
  • No Canadian should face life imprisonment for their expression.

Read and share JCCF’s full statement HERE.

Email or mail the JCCFs statement to your MP, including a cover letter sharing your concerns. Find MP contact information HERE.

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