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Governments across the world are trying to implement DIGITAL ID. This new system(s) will consolidate your personal information, medical information, financial information, business information, work information…

Digital ID will be marketed as a convenience for you but it is important to question what this is really about and why is it necessary – even if you feel you have nothing to hide? In addition to convenience, you will hear that Digital ID is necessary to help prevent the climate crisis. Ultimately, believing there is a climate crisis will lead you to believe it is necessary for the government to start tracking your carbon footprint…and this will be for the greater good of course – or is it? Allowing the government and big business to track your carbon footprint will allow them to monitor everything you do! Once this starts, will we maintain our given right to privacy and…FREEDOM?

Hear what environmental experts are saying about the climate crisis. You decide if it is true or not. Of course we all need to be kind to the environment – that is not in question. The question is whether or not we are actually experiencing a crisis. Learn more HERE.

Also watch this informative interview on the FAYTENE SHOW that explain what digital ID is and how it will impact your future.

Watch video HERE


Say NO to digital ID and sign this petition created by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF).

The government should not know about your interests, beliefs, behaviours, transactions, performance, personality, or preferences!

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