May 30-June 1 – National Citizens Inquiry – Regina, SK


The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) invites you to be a part of history in the making. Hear first-hand testimony from expert witnesses and lay witnesses as NCI inquires into how all levels of government handled the COVID-19 pandemic. By providing these hearings to allow Canadians to tell their stories, we can continue a healing dialogue in this nation. Learn what went right and what went wrong, and with positive recommendations, what can be done moving forward.

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These hearings will be available via livestream

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NCI History – 2023 Hearings Across Canada

Starting March 16, 2023 the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) hearings took place across Canada to LISTEN to stories, to LEARN what went right and what went wrong during Canada’s COVID-19 experience, and to RECOMMEND ways and means of ensuring that any future national crises is managed in a reasonable manner. 

This inquiry provided a solid foundation of evidence and resources:

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