Foundational Principles Pledge – Hold Elected Representatives Accountable


Why we need a Principle Pledge? Throughout history, those granted positions of power have argued the need to take away individual rights for the good of the people. We recognize the harm this action can inflict if unchecked. Read more

How this Pledge Works: When you sign the Foundational Principles Peoples Pledge you join the growing number in our Land who want the truth, not just another narrative crafted to appease. You will receive alerts and notifications – access to ScoreCards (performance reports) about your MLA, MP, Councilor and other decision-makers regarding how you are being served, Good and Bad. Read more

The Goal: We will hold all elected representatives accountable by evaluating and reporting on their decision-making performance viewed through the lens of our rights and freedoms.

The Committment: To value politicians that stand for our rights and freedoms. Provide the People with information and opportunity to make effective and impactful voting choices.

The People demand and deserve elected representatives that put the rights of the People first,
not internal or external dictates that set to destroy or manipulate these rights.

Visit Foundational Principles Pledge Canada to learn more and sign pledge.

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