Feb 4-5 – Toronto, ON – United Health Conference


Help us fundraise for the J4V Pop-Up Bus Tour so we can begin healing as a nation. It is time for Justice for the Vaccinated!

Justice for the Vaccinated (J4V) 2-day United Health Conference will feature top Professionals in an interactive and caring environment. We will be providing information and support to those who are suffering health injuries, know someone who is suffering from health injuries or are just curious to know more about their over all health, nutrition, mental health, alternative health solutions and legal rights within todays medical confusion.

Saturday will offer a full morning of presentations & education, an afternoon of break out rooms for you to ask your questions and get truthful answers from the experts and a dinner to meet and greet the experts and continue the discussions and story telling from earlier in the day.

Sunday will begin the day at 11am with a viewing of the documentary Vaxxed 2. At 12:45pm presentations focusing on vaccinations, adverse reactions and support resources from Health, Legal and Media Experts. We will also hear Personal Stories of Injury shared by those Suffering in Silence. It is time for truth, education, acknowledgement, support and love to lead the medical crisis we are facing today.

Find ticket information HERE.

More information can be found at Justice for the Vaccinated.

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