Feb 15 – Canada Wide – Courthouse Rallies for Coutts 4


Free the COUTTS 4 – Canada Wide Rallies at your Courthouse. The Coutts4 have spent two years in custody without a trial. This should be alarming to every Canadian. Join this gathering Feb 15th to show your support and raise awareness to this injustice.

Update: Jerry Morin and Christopher Lysak have been released after 723 days in jail without trial. Although it is great news that they are finally home with their family, this injustice is far from over. Watch what Viva Frei has to say HERE.

Time: 9:00 AM YOUR TIME
Location: CANADA WIDE – MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – Meet at your courthouse

How to Take Action Today…

Email Alberta Crown Prosecutions – jsg-acps.calgaryprosecutions@gov.ab.ca – asking for the release of Christopher Carbert and Anthony Olienick until trial. It is also recommended that a carbon copy of your email is sent to: FreeTheCoutts4@gmail.com

Write Christopher and Anthony a letter! Show your support and send them some hope.

Visit Coutts4.ca and 4justice.ca for more information and updates.

If you might consider coordinating an event in your community, email FreeTheCoutts4@gmail.com so they can assist you with posters and flyers.

Sunday, Feb 27 – National Prayer Event – 3pm PST – 4pm MST

If you believe the Coutts 4 are worthy of freedom and wellness, you are welcome to participate in this event, no matter what your spiritual background. This is an interdenominational event. You can register as an individual, prayer group, church, synagogue, or other entity.

Register HERE – Questions, email Benita – PedersenBenita@gmail.com

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