Aug 8 – General Assembly Meeting – World Council for Health


On Monday the World Council For Health will explain how YOU can help the final push to make Costa Rica declare the use and importation of the investigational gene therapy illegal and help other countries end the mandates!

Join World Council for Health on Monday, August 8. 

11 am PDT | 2 pm EDT | 6 pm UTC | 7 pm BST | 8 pm CAT

Watch the meeting and join the live chat in the WCH Newsroom

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Ellapen Rapiti (South Africa) ā€“ GPā€™s Experiences & Success Treating 3,000 C19 Patients
  • Dustin Bryce & Lady Xylie (Costa Rica) ā€“ Costa Rica Drops Mandatory Vaccines & Next Steps for International Justice
  • Dr. David Wiseman (USA) ā€“ Regulatory Tap Dancing: A Review of FDA & CDC Events from June/July

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